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Jon the Marketer (w video)

  • SimpleJoe the Plumber.
  • Bob the Builder.
  • Steve the Comedian.
  • *Name* the *Occupation*

I'm Jon the Marketer.  I'm a number on a spreadsheet.  I'm a demographic to be spoken to.

The everyman is an everyman, not a someone.  Right?

And the everyman relates to the everyman, because we have something in common, we're all numbers on the same spreadsheet, right?  Skew the math properly and we're really all the same, right?

To quote John McCain (see video below), "You're all Joe the Plumber".  Ouch.

We'll find out in 5 days.

But are we any better?  Are we as ad men/women, communicators, PR people, really any better?  Are we speaking to/with people or numbers?  Are we connecting or are we yelling?  What are we doing to transform not just our own agencies and teams, but the industry at large? 

What is OUR plan for change?
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