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seth godin's marketing mistake (?)

Tribes UPDATE: for an updated perspective, click here

A couple of months ago I pre-ordered a bunch of marketing books on Amazon. 

Like the faithful drone I am, I pre-ordered Seth Godin's upcoming/newly released book titled Tribes.

I'm part of a tribe - a Godin follower.  I generally enjoy his work.  I think he's an overall brilliant marketer.  The early reviews of the book looked positive.  I was glad that I finally had the foresight to pre-order the book everyone would be talking about. 

But today, the venerable Seth Godin made a marketing mistake. (He's human!)

Much to my surprise, this afternoon the wonderful Ann Handley (@marketingprofs on Twitter) tweeted the following:

The same day that the book I paid for was released, it was given away for free as an audio book!

  • How am I not supposed to feel used?

  • How am I supposed to react?

  • What kind of brand loyalty/relationship equity is this supposed to foster?
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BTW - I pre-ordered this book together with a few other books that have not yet been released, and so have not yet received my shipment from Amazon (and can still cancel my order of this book at any time).  If the audio book is THAT good, I'll keep my hardcopy order in place because I like to have physical books on shelves for later referance, refreshment and inspiration.  Nevertheless, I had expected more from my favorite marketing guru.