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5 Challenges Presented by Aggregators

  1. Complexity In a world of ubiquitous content distribution, is syndication the best answer?  The only answer?
  2. What role does site-based metrics play in a distributed equity model?
  3. In a world of aggregated social experiences (like FriendFeed and, how can users possibly gain more value than they do noise?
  4. To what extent does/should context define value in content?  How does this impact the effectiveness and efficiency of distributed content?
  5. How will aggregators integrate the richer functionality of the aggregated content - like comments, trackbacks, formatting etc?  Can richer widget based aggregators/applications replace pure RSS aggregators?  Or does the simplicity of RSS the define value of the experience?

About a year ago I had a nice long email discussion with Matt Dickman about this.  As this trend begins to breach the mainstream market, these are the questions that will define the market. 

Any answers?

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