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an undiscovered treasure - respect

Bobbies place I've walked and driven past it countless times.

But I never knew what I was passing.

It looked like a local boutique, almost like every other local clothing store... but it was on a backstreet, away from most of the foot traffic.

I had often wondered how Bobbie's Place stayed in business with so poor a location, but they always looked busy when I walked by, recently more busy than ever.

I also wondered why Bobbie's Place had so much activity when they had frosted glass in place of a window display.

Then I found out what Bobbie's Place really is.

Bobbie's place Bobbie's Place is a store unlike any other.  Sure, they have selection and assortment, customer service and a smile, but there is one key difference.  At Bobbie's Place, even those facing economic stress can shop stress free.  Because Bobbie's Place is free.

Bobbie's Place is a charity, but they aren't in the business of giving out handouts, they are in the business of making people feel like the people they are, despite their economic stature.

I don't know how they pay the bills.  And it breaks my heart to see that their business is booming as the seasons change and the economy takes a dip.

And while I don't know the proprietor, I have run into familiar faces on that block, on my walk back from the Subway at the end of the day.  It's a difficult sight to see, but it's better than the alternative.

Inside 1 There is an angel in Midwood, someone who cares not just about the health, but the well being and pride of their customers, even if they've never paid a penny.

There is a lot we can learn from Bobbie's Place.  We can learn how to treat a customer, how to treat a person.  We can learn how to give without making anyone feel like a charity case.  We can learn how to respect a customer.  Respect is free, respect is valuable. 

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the craziness of the holidays upon us, maybe we can spend a little bit of time giving back. 

Because everyone needs a Bobbie's Place.  And whether you recognize it or not, someone in your circle of friends, family or neighborhood needs some financial help, needs a boost to their pride, needs a smiling face. 

We can all use a little more smile in our lives.  Let's spread some love, we're all in this together.  Let's face tomorrow with unity, pride and respect.  Because lrd knows, respect is one commodity we all value and it doesn't cost a penny.