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Honeyshed... it's alive!

Disclaimer: Honeyshed is a client.

So the big day is here.  Honeyshed is now live!

After an initial beta test, Honeyshed listened to the feedback (including social media!) and returned with a fresh design, a fresh face, fresh functionality, an infusion of fresh management and a truly unique offering.


What is Honeyshed? 

Honeyshed is unique.

Honeyshed is the evolution of the direct sales channels (like QVC) into the digital environment and tailored for a young digital audience.

Honeyshed is digital at their core, not a digital extension of traditional media. 

Honeyshed reviews products, evangelizes brands and enables social interactivity while being "real" to their unique audience.  From the site design through content, from twitter through their blogs (refreshing soon), they ooze "getting it".  Honeyshed is the place where youngsters go to to find out what's hot, to get their daily dish, to share and interact, to create their own shareable wishlists (your stash)... and there is more to come.

Honeyshed is more than "media" or "web 2.0". 

Honeyshed is a vision.  Honeyshed is a voice.  Honeyshed is a passion.

With the recognition that the digital dynamic is democratic and social, Honeyshed is listening.  So please feel free check it out, to share your thoughts.  And you can always reach out on Twitter to learn about what's new, what's happening or just share your thoughts.

I confess that I didn't get fully "get" Honeyshed at first.  But remember, Honeyshed is not your father's interactive channel.  It's built for a specific audience.  And my own informal beta testing of Honeyshed with a few 20-something fashion-aware and trendy girls in NYC had them rolling, laughing and talking.  And that spells potential to me.

This is real.  This is Honeyshed.  Check it out!