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measuring YOUR twitter success

Twitter test Is Twitter success measured by...

  •  your level of uptake velocity? (new followers over the last few days)
  • the number of tweets you tweet?
  • the regularity with which you tweet?
  • the number of people who reply to your tweets?
  • the number of people who follow you?
    • the number that you follow?
  • the number of followers relative to the number of people you follow?
  • the number of followers your followers have?
  • the amount of value that that the community places in your opinion?
    • the number of times you have been retweeted?
  • the amount of value you place in your twitter community?

While I love twitter grader and other measures of influence as much as the next guy, I can't help but wonder if these universally objective metrics truly mean anything.  Sure, they are great indicators, but if you aren't getting value out of your efforts, I would question why you continue to engage.

This isn't to say you should jump on and off the bandwagon in a day, but if you've really tried and found no value, then maybe this just isn't for you.

And if you are finding value without ruining the experience of those you interact with, ignore the numbers and ratings Because they don't know and cannot measure the value of this experience to you.

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