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motrin and the 40 hour work week

So somebody was offended by your video.  And they shared it with somebody, who shared it with somebody else.

And before you know it, a hashtag (#motrinmoms) is flashing across social media with blinding speed and the social interwebs are all aflutter.  People are pissed, and they are sharing their thoughts with the world.  (see graphic below)

Motrin moms
It's now Monday morning at the Motrin offices.  It's been 24 hours and your brand has already been publicly skewered and is currently roasting over an open roaring fire.  The offended moms across social media have already adopted a tribal dance (#motrinmoms) as they weave rhetoric and spew hatred for the brand creative, and as a result, for your brand.

How did this disaster happen?

Firstly, creative is an art, not a science. One copywriter's inspiration could be a target demo's worst nightmare.  And for the record, my wife thought the creative was pretty cute.

But most importantly, this happened because social "media" professionals, be they at the brand, an ad/media agency, a social boutique, or PR agency, clocked out.  Friday night through Monday morning chatter and performance is something to be dealt with on Monday morning.  And this is a mistake.

Because by Monday morning the damage may have already been done.

There is no easy solution.  At best, social leads could have (and in many cases, should be) setting up social monitoring alerts.  If my brand goes viral on a weekend, someone should be there to pick up the alert and to call in the cavalry.  Give them an early weekend on Thursday, but get them in on Sunday. 

Consumers don't wait until Monday morning to socialize.  We can't wait until Monday to do something about it.

For more, check out BL Ochman's suggestions on things Motrin could have and should now do, and the ever insightful Craig Daitch on where this campaign went creatively wrong.

And now.. the fury of women scorned. Video below