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Movember Yesterday I had a brief chat with Marc Meyer on Twitter regarding Peta's presence on twitter.  Regardless of your feelings about this organization, I believe they belong on Twitter and across social "media".  They are a social cause.  It is their responsibility to their constituency to voice their cause across appropriate social communications channels.  And Twitter is one of those channels.

Case Study
One has to look no further than Movember, a quirky movement wherein people grow mustaches in November to raise awareness around various men's health issues, to see the value of digital social activation for social good.  Anyone that knows me well can tell you that I find mustaches both intriguing and hilarious.  This is a movement that speaks to me as a man, as a human, a humanitarian, a social "media" communicator and as a mustache lover.  And as such, this movement it belongs in social "media", be it online or real world.

There is something deeply human about social "media", something that makes people relate-able and trustworthy, makes brand faces rather than boxes and digital destinations into true communities.

Whether we recognize our place in this movement or walk blindly into the future, we are evolving.  We are sharing.  We are coming together and discovering.  We are talking and we are relating and understanding other people, other perspectives and other cultures in a wonderful new way.

The current war in Iraq was not a faceless war against the enemy state, it was a battle with human faces.  Connectivity and yes, social "media" changed the way we as a nation and as a race view war.  The unpallatable reality that is bloodshed became real.  We were fighting a flag, we were fighting people. 

I do not live with my head in the clouds,  nor do I believe that every gun should be destroyed but I do believe that digital social "media" has made us into a better people.  We now understand, respect and relate to other cultures, people and religions in manners previously unknown.

  • Sure, brands have a place at the table, so long as they don't sit as a logo and harp on themselves. 
  • And social movements and efforts have a place at the table, so long as they behave. 
  • And every adult human being has a seat at this table. 
  • Dialogue may not solve our differences, but mutually human conversation is the first step towards a solution.

Thanks to the wonderful Miriam Schwab for sharing Ann Handley's (MarketingProfs) tweet link to the video below.  Further kudos to Chelpixie and CC Chapman for sharing this along to Ann. 

The world is coming together

Join me...  join us....  as we stand by one another.
  Video below.