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the company-customer pact... what do we think?

CcpactThere's something great about being a blogger... you get great customer service.

The words "I have a blog", while egotistical and self-centered, often open doors.

Being part of the "inner circle" of the social media/marketing worlds often gives me a speed  pass around hold lines, automated telephone trees and endless customer service bureaucracy (real life example - I'm sorry, but that warranty we sold was issued by a 3rd party).

Reaching out to agency and PR friends and colleagues has opened many doors, but it shouldn't come to this.

Everyone should be a VIP.  Every customer deserves the time of day.

And customers have responsibilities of their own, including investigating solutions before writing off brands. 

We need to learn to speak with one another in a more human and civil manner.

I don't know that The Company-Customer Pact is THE solution, but I think it's a great first step.  Check it out.  And if you agree, add your name, throw your hat into the ring or your name into the wiki. 

It takes a village to raise a market.  What steps do YOU think are going to transform or even move the market into a more civilly social ecosystem?

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For a great analysis of why the challenges and performance of this and other similar efforts, check out Jeremiah's take here.