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ten rules for effective corporate blogging

Corporate So Forrester issued a report about corporate blogging, asking the question, do we trust them, do we care?

As a practitioner, I would like to believe that we do.  However...

My answer is... it depends.  We don't just take your corporate word for what it is, but we trust people we feel we know, right? So with that in mind, please find yet another top 10 list -

- 10 Rules -
Effective Corporate Blogging

  1. Set your goals, expectation, deliverables and measurement.  Do not focus on traditional metrics, give social metrics a try.  Rethink ROI.
  2. Your blog is not your press release.  Speak like a person.
  3. Your blog is your dinner table, not your podium.  You're the host, not the speaker.
  4. Blogging is not about a blog alone.  Get on twitter and facebook and talk to people.
  5. Blog with the community, not at them.  Link, comment, participate.
  6. A blog is not a newsletter on a website.  It can be, but it will be about as successful as your newsletter...  And we all know how much we love e-mail newsletters.
  7. Your brand logo is not a face. Unless you're marketing Sponge Bob, put a likable relevant face and name behind your efforts.
  8. Ignite your fan base. Get them involved.  If you don't have a fan base ignite your employees.  If your employees aren't interested, you've got bigger issues.
  9. Exude personality.  Be the person at the party that everyone wants to keep in touch with.
  10. Check your ego at the door.  This is an investment in people.  Not in you.  Own up to mistakes, answer questions and use your head.

Disclaimer: All of the above assumes that the goal of your blog is to drive social relevancy.  If your goal is to put your statement out there for Google to find, you can ignore most of the above.

Anything I'm missing?

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