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the ROI of passion

Intense When you are communicatively passionate, you will drive passion in others.  Passion drives social success. 

This is why and how social objects take off, becoming "viral" (not that viral is a positive marketing trend).

This is why Loren Feldman and Gary Vee have followings.  Once you see their content, you do not forget them.

Passions are statements to the world.  If your brand isn't making a passionate statement, you are not remarkable.  If you are not remarkably passionate, you will not be shared.

Video is but one format of a remarkable social object. 

  • Sprint's Now widget site was remarkable.  It was shared. 
  • American Express' (a client) Member's Project exuded passion, showcasing passionate people and casues as a social object.  It was shared. 
  • And yes, YouTube videos often ignite passions - laughter, fear, responsibility, awe... and they are shared.

This perspective, that passion ignites a movement, is equally true for major brands, individual people and offline interactivity.  This is true in life.  This is true in your office. And this is true for your career.

So ask yourself, are you passionate?  Are you igniting passion in your colleagues?  In your clients? 

If you aren't rationally and sincerely passionate, how can you expect others to share, to advocate to socialize, to invest their time and effort in YOU or YOUR EFFORTS?

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