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The World's First Social War

45078448_a92cf65b9b_o In a war, everyone has a story to tell.  For the first time ever, we are witnessing the first true digital social war.

The Israeli Government and friends of Israel are working tirelessly to share, inform, converse, gather, socialize, advocate and persuade.  While diplomatic channels may be closed, the web is always open.

From a marketers perspective, war is the ultimate PR nightmare.

Israel the brand looks to be gearing up to face this head on.

Israel and Friend's Social Efforts

Citizen Activism

  • Help Us Win:
  • Nir Ofir's Netvibes Aggregation Page
  • The Town of Sderot has a fairly well design information and advocacy site

Israeli Government

This war is going to be different.
The world is watching. The world is talking.  The world is listening.

What do YOU have to say? #gaza #askisrael #sderot #israel

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