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Tyson Foods: Getting by Giving

TysonHungerRelief So the folks over at SHIFT Communications and Tyson are on to something here...

The gist of the campaign is this: leave a comment on their blog, and Tyson will donate food to the Greater Boston Food Bank... and this was launched in partnership with Boston's Social Media Breakfast.

Remarkable campaign.  Launched at a social influencer event, with a strong local geo component and an incredibly simple and interactive call-to-action.

Smart, simple and effective.

Now where will they go from here? They are generating hundreds of interactions and dozens of conversations on twitter and across the web.  How will they translate this into a lower funnel play?  Will this go any deeper than upper funnel branding?

Tyson buzz

Sure, this will generate good will, but how will they translate this goodwill into action?

How would you?

And with a small spike in buzz, is there ROI here?  Is this a trend brands will embrace in today's tough economic times?

What would you do? 
How would you sell this into a client?