Kicking Off Your Personal Brand in Social Media
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friendship : un-re-defined

Friendship At Age 10: Being someone's friend meant that they were someone you enjoyed being around.

At Age 20: Friendship meant having a good time with someone.

In Life: A friendship is as strong as the degree to which each member of this relationship is invested in this friendship.  What would you do for your friend?  What would your friend do for you?

In Digital: A friendship is a human relationship with another party.

We may be connected on twitter and friends on Facebook, but does that mean that we would expect one another to fly to Vegas to bail the other out of trouble? Doubtful.

Does that mean that digital friendship is shallow? Less valuable that a real world friendship?


Just hours ago, David Armano started a charity drive for a woman in need of a helping hand.  His community on twitter, on his blog, on Facebook (etc?) rallied around his cause, sharing his message and opening up their wallets.  Two hours into this social effort, David raised well over his $5K goal.  His relationships proved their value. #daniela

Key Takeaway: Just because we're digitally connected doesn't make us friends.  But that doesn't mean that digital friendships can't go a long way.

Give David's friend a hand.  Donate below:

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