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guest blogging - joining the PB team

Team It is my pleasure to announce that beginning this Thursday, I will be guest blogging over at Dan Schawbel's Personal Branding Blog.

Please join me in welcoming my fellow contributors to table.  Our publishing setup will be as follows:

  • Dan (Monday): If you don't know Dan, it's time to start subscribing to his blog.  This is one smart guy.
  • Beverly Macy (Tuesday): Teaches social media marketing at UCLA and is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Y&M Partners.
  • Paul Dunay (Wednesday): The Global Director of Integrated Marketing at BearingPoint, Inc.
  • Jonathan Burg (Thursday): That's me!
  • Jacob Share (Friday): The founder and SVP of Share Select Media.
  • Adam Salamon (Saturday): The Partnerships Director at Bazaarvoice, Inc.
  • Katie Konrath (Sunday): She is a creativity specialist who helps companies come up with fresh new product and service ideas.
  • Maria Elena Duron (Editor): She is the president of Buzz To Bucks.

It's going be an exciting year!  If you have any thoughts on personal branding, please feel free to leave a note below.