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Kicking Off Your Personal Brand in Social Media

The 10 Step Process
  1. Checklist Identify your passions.
  2. Find people with similar passions and read/watch/listen to their material.
  3. Join their conversations - in whatever format/platform they utilize.
  4. Set goals for starting conversations of your own.
  5. Create a personal/about me page that informs others about your personality.
  6. Start a conversation on the platform and in the media format where you believe you can be most successful (based on your level of comfort, capability and the general community utilization of this platform and format).  
  7. Respond to as many people participating in "your" conversation as possible.
  8. Link your conversation to that of others in your space (both literally and figuratively).
  9. Reach for the stars (speak with the heavy hitters) while embracing others new to the conversation.
  10. Explore new frontiers.  Over time, extend your social presence into new communities, social circles, platforms and formats.

Up Next: Considerations for kicking off your personal brand in social media

Inspired by 10 Step Expert Guide to Blogging Your Personal Brand

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