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microsoft songsmith - this isn't a joke?

Logo_songsmithWhen I first caught the video below, I thought it was a joke.

To my horror, it isn't.

A quick Google Search (irony?) reveals that this is in fact, legit.  Microsoft has created a program that allows you to sing a tune into your computer, and Songsmith will automatically generate an early 90s midi style accompaniment.  While I applaud the technology, which must involve some fairly robust pattern recognition, pitch approximation and auto-accompaniment capabilities, I wonder who the intended audience is.

  • Is this is meant for the Wii/Guitar Hero crowd, who is looking for simple, intuitive access to rich experiences? 
  • Is this a free sample of what will become a far more robust home-musician offering from Microsoft? 
  • Or is this a free giveaway of a simple tool, intended only for branding purposes (with minimal thought to utility)?