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the innovation "tradition"

InnovationsThe tradition upon which America was founded was one of change, of overthrowing tradition, of reinventing the norm.


Nothing is written in stone.

The tradition of innovation, of change, is one of constant evolution.

There are no rules. There are best practices at current.  But there are no rules written in stone.

The first movers, the early adopters and the revolutionaries face the challenge of putting their necks out on the line.  Some will be crowned as visionaries.  Others will be dismissed as crazies.

Never say no just because of convention.  The tradition of the web is one of breaking with convention.

Don't close your doors to opportunity just because it hasn't been done. 

Think rationally, think strategically, and act accordingly.

Embrace the tradition of breaking with tradition.

Inspired by Mack Collier's post over at Marketing Profs.

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