social media isn't socialism
Kicking Off Your Personal Brand in Social Media

social sincerity drives the bandwagon

Charity What means more:

  • Wearing a pin?
    • Or giving $10?
  • Joining a Facebook cause?
    • Or giving your time to a charity?

We all want to give.  Giving makes the world a better place. 

And while joining a Facebook group may help the cause, particularly if brands are footing the bill for further giving, this is not the same as actually giving.

But it works.  It lowers the barrier to entry for charitable giving, allowing more people to join the cause, to drive awareness and all those upper funnel goodies.  And with the added power of brand support driving lower funnel activation, this just may be a new form of charity: giving without giving of yourself.

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Inspired by Ike Piggot's tweet below:

I don't hate *your* cause, just the mindless ease with which Facebook facilitates the Empty Calories of Philanthropy.
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