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the 24/7 retail mistake - CVS needs to read this

Clock Your sign claims that you're open 24/7.

  • But do you have a manager on call 24/7?
  • Is your 3AM staff as capable as your 3PM staff?
  • Is your store as presentable at 3AM as it is at 3PM?

Is your 3PM store/product different from your 3AM store/product?

In retail, the shopping experience largely defines your consumer equity statement. 

Consider CVS.  While we appreciate the fact that we can pick up cold medicine and baby diapers at 3AM, I would call it a stretch to claim that the store is truly open.  Cashiers are nowhere to be found, products are thrown across the aisles and for some reason, half the magazines are lopsided or open.  This is not a convenient shopping experience.

Convenience is not only defined by the hours your doors are open, but by the shopping experience once a customer walks through your doors. 

Last night I walked in to CVS to place an order.  Today I came in to pick it up, only to be told that "I cannot be responsible for what a night staffer told you". 

I walked out. 

Truth be told, I may go back next time we have another midnight emergency, but I don't know that I would return under any other circumstances. 

Their brand has been redefined.  They are my 3AM store.  Any other normal hour of the day, I'll be heading to my local mom and pop store, where service is consistent and nobody raises their voices

PS - they smile there too!

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