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context defines perspective

373628114_d0399c0f50_b When you have a hammer, every problem is a nail.  When you work, live and breath social, every solution proposed is often social. 

The same can be said for many content-production professionals.  When speaking with content oriented solutions providers and partners, I often here discussion around pdfs, podcasts, web video or blogs.  However, these are more than media formats, they are delivery formats.  Success will not be defined by the format alone. The bigger discussion cannot be about format, but about the positioning of the content and the context in which the content is being delivered.

Publishing a broadcast blog is not social.  But featuring real people, real voices, customer testimonials and a tagline "Ask a friend why Brand X is the #1 most recommended chemical inspired cheesy snack from friends" even in the most traditional formats and platforms may achieve large scale social success.

As content becomes increasingly portable, the context is often lost.  This is the trade off we face when we use aggregators rather than dedicated destinations.  This is why the same old movie is still better in the theater than at home.  And this is where marketers need to learn to adapt.

Sure, formatting is important, but learning to harness the power of context-less media is even more important.  I can use the same 100 words, but in a different context their meaning may change.  However, in those of the right words, they can succeed in even the most traditional of media formats.

Portability and decentralization are not a problem, they are an opportunity, an opportunity to rethink context,the role of perspective and to creatively establish new ways to establish context when there previously was none, and perspective across a broad array of environments.

Inspired by the video below: