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simply positive tuesdays - fresh opportunities

With all the economic doom and gloom, this is my second post in an eight part series aimed at inspiring just a little bit of positivity. :? )

Glass Half Empty/Glass Half Full

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People are short on time.

  • You can become an essential asset to them.

Big businesses are struggling.

  • Entrepreneurs face incredible opportunity.

The cost of formal interactivity for mom and pop on the web is still high.

  • The cost of social participation has never been lower.

Everyone demands more for less.

  • Never before have marketers been more actively interested in rational, ROI friendly innovation.

Nobody has 15 years experience in today's "new media".

  • You're in good company.

It looks like everyone is freaking out about the economy and the future.

  • You can be the voice of reason.

Nobody knows the future.

  • But you can control how you react to it.

You feel like the only person who gets it.

  • If you're right, and you can properly communicate it, you will be a good place in a short time.

Key Takeaway
A friend of mine used to say, when life throws you lemons, duck and roll, then start a new sport.  Think. Act. Smile. You can't control everything around you, but you can control your reaction.  And you will be respected for it.

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