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why we fail : and what we can do about it

IgniteEven if we use all the right words,
Even if we put them all in the right order,
Even if we say them in the right place,
Even if we say them to the right people,
Even if we say them at the right time,
Even if we where the right clothes to the party,
Are we socially communicating correctly?

There is something distinctly human about social interactions.  Scaling and formalizing these human interactions in traditional business or marketing structures without losing the conversational momentum is difficult.  Moving from framework to success in social is not just about overviews and opinions, it is about the art of translation.

  • Many businesses find success by empowering their employees to interpret guidelines and best practices.
  • Others are waiting for a more formal infrastructure and engagement model before letting loose lips sink their ships.

I don't know that either solution is THE answer.  But I know that silence ISN'T the answer.

We need engagements that work with the best possible hybrid.  That celebrate our employees, solutions providers and communicators in an organized and stimulating manner.  We speak so much about compelling engagements.  But we shouldn't be seeding or forcing conversation, and we can do better than compelling it.  We can be stimulating.  We can incite.  We can inspire. 

I not convinced that we as an industry, have yet determined how. 

Inspired by the video below.  All the right words, but somehow, I think they missed the train.

Disclaimer: this post is not about how any individual company, agency, brand or consultant has failed, but about how we as an industry need to adapt for future success.