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twitter changes the rules : practical implications

social success : perspectives on Matt Dickman's ppt

Matt Dickman did it again.  The presentation below may be long, but it is well worth the time. This cross-discipline perspective, with an appreciation for PR, Advertising and Marketing is essential to social marketing (and all too often goes unrecognized). 

As for me, I'm looking forward to the connective tissue bridging the online and the offline worlds.  Facebook does this fairly well with Connect, events, photos and videos, as do technologies like Qik. But shiny new technologies and platforms are not solutions, they are tools.  The big wins in the short term will come from deeply integrated strategies.  Events, traditional broadcast media, even direct mail should integrate with social.  Social is no longer a bucket, it's an underlying strategy.  And I for one, am excited about what tomorrow will bring. 

Kudos to Valeria Maltoni for sharing on Twitter. (PS - if you aren't reading Matt and Valeria's respective blogs or engaging them on Twitter, startWell worth your time, trust me.)