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6 Common Social Conference Mistakes

In honor of Internet Week 2009 in NYC, I bring you the 6 most common social conference mistakes.

  1. Bad Wifi/Protected Wifi and no posted access code
  2. No central hashtag on twitter = disorganized conversation
  3. Too few power outlets/No power outlets
  4. Very loud music in the atrium/lounge (if you want people to network, turn it down or they will go outside to network)
  5. No area for light work.  Let's face it, few high value attendees can go a day without calling in for a meeting or following up on an email.  Find a sponsor and get a room for light business, attendees will appreciate it and the sponsor will have all the branding they love.
  6. No online follow up with videos or slideshares
    • Almost as good, posting the content deep in the site with no message to attendees about where to find it.
  7. (I lied) No event host participation in the dialogue.
    • If you're going to spend thousands of dollars on a venue, food and transportation, you might as well participate in the conversation and make your investment work for you.  You have momentum and social equity, use it.

Thanks to all the agencies, vendors, partners, participants, speakers and event coordinators that make these events possible. 

Remember to say thank you on the way out.  Someone worked very hard to make that conference as successful as it was.  And if you got a complimentary pass, someone went out of their way to get you one.