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Social? Think BIGGER

Ready Set Go Hot Air Balloons Lots of people talk about the future of Social, a lot.  Probably too much, myself included.  But this post isn't about Social, media, or the platforms where we talk (this isn't a post about Twitter).

I want to talk about transition.  Transition from a traditional model with deep proven channels at risk, to a new and as-yet undefined model.  Revenue will change.  Your value will change.  Your infrastructure will change.  Your business will change.

This isn't about PR or the Agency, this is about business.  This is about how you make money today, tomorrow and the day after.  This is about how you make forward looking investments in a tough economy, investments that will pay off even after the masses have adopted a new platform or mode of interactivity.

Sure, the trends we are seeing in Social will continue to play out, but Social is not the beginning or the end.  It's part of a much larger story.  Social interactivity, the new connected movements online, are not the future, they are just one piece of it.  Pervasive connectivity will shift the way we socialize and interact with content.  Smart solutions will optimize the way we discover, view, interact with and stay connected with both brands and content. 

Societal trends like the boom of major population centers  will fuel shifts in distribution models.  Product value propositions will change.  Packaging will change (iTunes anyone?).  Price points will change, and attention and trust may well become integral pieces of non-dollar based equity trading.   And of course Promotions will change.  The four Ps are shifting.  By focusing on the pervalent industry buzz (Social), we're missing the bigger picture.  The way that business create equity and profits is changing.

We can talk all we want about the short term implications on Twitter and Facebook, but we're only going to be successful when this insight is layered against real business objectives and goals, when businesses are structured to generate revenue in this shifting world and when real bottom line friendly operations infrastructures exist. 

Industry is shifting.

Step out of the bubble and think about business, not brands.  Think about what makes business tick.  This isn't about brands, it isn't about change for the sake of change and it isn't about Social. It's about marketable value.  Find yours, sell for today, build for tomorrow and keep you head above the clouds.  Social isn't going away, and it's true value hasn't yet been tapped, but this is only the beginning.

So I ask you, what transitions do you fear?  What gets you jazzed and excited?  Where is change happening in your industry?  What steps have you seen smart marketers take to shift their infrastructure, their value in an increasingly connected and grounded world?