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I'm a ferklempt, talk amongst yourselves... lessons from Coffee Tawk

i love BLANK, but I'm inspired by remarkable creativity

If you removed the product, and just focused on fulfilling in a phenomenal way, would social look the same?  Unfortunatley, the answer is often yes.  Without creativity and relatable marketing, would social work?  Probably. 

But isn't social success about MORE than just participating and fostering advocacy?  Shouldn't it be about inspiring a new emotional association?  About being fresh, current and relevant?  About being more than an object?  About having a voice?  About being a relationship of WOW rather than a relationship of convenient satisfaction?  And isn't it sad that convenient satisfaction is a high mark in today's work?

The video below is very well done, and kudos to 22Squared for great work.  But it also highlights the sameness we're seeing right now.  The Facebook application that tells you what kind of XYZ you are... the Twitter account that gives something away and then provides customer support until the next campaign... the brand blog that celebrates the brand accomplishments and the occasional enthusiast... this is all very innovative as a marketing discipline/philosophy.  But where's the creativity?

By the way, why didn't 22Squared make their link at the end of the video clickable?