Social? Think BIGGER
do you think we care?

new rules (rant)

The People
YOU aren't an influencer.  WE are.

You aren't a social guru because you have an opinion and a voice.  You're someone with an opinion and perspective, and we welcome your participation in the dialogue. Gurus are people with extensive proven experience delivering real results.  Gurus don't claim to be Gurus.

The Industry
Brands can't control the message or the format. Brands control their own voice, at best.

All media is sociable.  But that doesn't make is social-worthy.

Social-worthy isn't worth jack if it isn't discovered.

ROI isn't just about sales, but sales sure help.

Social isn't a platform, a destination, a channel or a tool.  It's a communication vehicle, a philosophy and a means of getting from point A to point B.

You don't need a Twitter strategy.  You need a voice and someone who can help you use it.

You have two eyes, two ears, to hands and one mouth. Listen and observe, do at least as much as you say.

Newspapers aren't dead.  Dead isn't the new black.  Sustainable profits are.  This is about making money people!

Mainstream media isn't dumb or useless.  It's a tool.  And you'd be a fool to ignore it.

Two heads are only better than one when both know what they are talking about.  Brainstorms only work when the right people are in the room.

UGC isn't a strategy or a channel, it's a tactical approach.

Lightning only strikes twice when it doesn't look or feel the same.

Relevant industry examples are old. Don't limit yourself to looking over your shoulder, start by looking back in order to look forward.

A strategy is not a group of tactics with a comm's brief.

Don't trust me! Read what everybody else has to say and form your own approaches.  And for Gds sake, go out there as DO it!

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