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agency intrapreneurs and lemonade

Life in an agency is unlike life in any other environment.  It's an odd mix of creativity and conformity, individuality, teamwork and  collaboration, reaching for the sky while catching the low hanging fruit, unlimited freethinking and political tightrope walking, celebrating your life as an individual while demanding longer hours as your life progresses. 

I for one, enjoy being in the mix, challenging the status quo while building the future of this industry in flux from within.  Every engagement is new, we truly are doing what has never been done on a startlingly regular basis.  But for more entrenched agency people, this shift is far more than a wave to ride, it is a threat to everything they have built.  And the results aren't always pretty.

Life in an agency has it's advantages as disadvantages.  While you're with an agency, you get drawn in, striving for more, better, faster.  But with the depressing news that is the economy, it's refreshing to hear and see how people are thriving in post-agency lives.  (video below)

I'm not sure where or when this documentary will be released, but I can't wait to see it.