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creativity unboxed : art & copy

Creativity Up until very recently, agency creatives had a defined box to work in.  They had a palate and colors.  30 seconds, full color bleed, we knew the tools in our arsenal.

However, in social there are no limits, there is no set palate or canvas.  There is a conversation, a back and forth.  The canvas has moved from a flat picture with borders to a three-dimensional interaction that shifts with time and trends. We are discovering colors we never knew.

Strong creative will always help tell a strong story.  The creative of the past was about a known and familiar medium, an understood interaction, an understood value exchange.  We knew what to expect, how people interacted and what would drive success. 

Creativity moving forward will be more challenging and more capable than ever before.  Creativity will define not just the message or the image, but the two way interaction design, the co-messaging strategy.  Creatives will get closer to planners, media, marketing and analytics. Successful creatives will need to come closer to the table to be successful.  Great creatives however, will know when to leave the boardroom and think freely.

Looking forward to seeing the documentary from the trailer below.

ART & COPY: Movie Trailer - Click here for funny video clips