does Facebook need/warrant its own browser?
our ROI models are off

is this a revolution of an evolution? (it matters!)

Those of us living in the social fishbowl think we are the future.  And we may be right.

Is digital/social a paradigm shift, a fundamental change, or an evolutionary step in marketing as a discipline?  The practical implications of this debate are huge, most notably among them: Should I rebuild my marketing infrastructure from scratch, adjust my current infrastructure, or challenge my agencies to adapt their efforts?

The basic question is, with rapid and forceful change, how deep does change need to go?  How deep should it go? 

Consider the video below.

Coming back down to reality, there are a few things we need to remember. 

  1. The future is approaching fast, and if you don't plan for it today you will get run-over by it tomorrow.
  2. TV isn't dead.  Neither is print or radio.  You're job as a marketer is not just to build for tomorrow, but to make money today.
  3. The numbers you see in this video and at conferences are misleading: audience doesn't equal engagement.
  4. The market doesn't sit still while brands plan to reinvent.  Most corporations cannot stop and turn on a dime while staying competitive/viable.
  5. Your consumer's behavior is shifting away from most of what you have traditionally relied upon.  If you don't adapt your outlook on marketing and especially communications, you risk your continued relevance.