social drowns out the shouting heads
technorati's new direction - the changes needed for success

long live the strategists

Long live strategy As the corporate world begins to ask the important questions, like Why, How, and Who about social, a new breed of services is becoming increasingly critical to strategic success in a shifting world.  And while creativity drives a campaign, strategy drives operational engagements and long term success.  This is a shift from bringing social to your business to bringing your business to social.  And this isn't only about social.

Customer support, blogger outreach, asset development, creative positioning, offline integration, new communications policy, as these needs meet scale brands will be looking for a partner to make this operational, to make sense of it all.  This will be the greatest new challenge facing consultants, media agencies, pr shops, social shops and creative boutiques over the next 10 years. 

Short term, campaign or brand specific vision is often necessary to get a foot in the door, but the real, sustainable, long-term relationships will come from a new breed of strategic offerings.  There is no known operational model for digital transformation.  There is no silver bullet management tool, yet.  But while the climb is steep, this new breed of offerings is going to be the first to define real ROI.  This new offering is going to be the first to take a strong look at a cross-agency, cross-campaign and possibly cross-brand model of business.  These new offerings will look beyond CRM or push messaging, incorporating business design, business processes, product positioning and even call center support to reshape a business and find new models of efficiency.

And this is only the beginning.  If the 90s were the age of digital possibilities, and the 00s was the era of VC backed social connections, the 10s will be the era of real, deep transformation.  This is no longer about having website, it's about adopting a new framework for doing business.  Long live the strategists.

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