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that just isn't compelling - the social dud

  • Your phone is now available in three colors. 
  • Your breakfast cereal now has 30% more fiber. 
  • Your car now gets 5 more miles to the gallon.

Frankly, these may be groundbreaking to you as a marketer, but they aren't socially compelling to your users.  I have never mentioned to a friend or colleague that my dryer sheets are biodegradable.  It just doesn't matter.

And so, agencies are asked to build borrowed interest and invented excitement.  Agencies know how to do this in traditional channels like PR and 30 second spots.  What they forget, is that the conversational activation requires the same degree of creativity and insights.  And therein lies the greatest hole in the social space.

Every agency has a social strategist.  Many clients have social leads or social experts.  With all this focus on strategy and execution, we don't hear much about creative beyond the occasional visualization.

And this is why so much of social just isn't compelling.  It just isn't creatively engineered or envisioned.