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a new take on short-form disclosure

The industry is abuzz with the FTC's first steps into social.

While social pundits have long been advocating the need for full transparency and self-imposed ethics, disclosure statements often feel disruptive within the context of the conversation.  As a result, an alarming number of social participants fail to properly disclose their relationship with brands.  This includes not only celebrities and mommy bloggers, but agency social leads, social consultants and brand marketers. 

We need a better, comprehensive way to disclose both our relationships and the nature of these relationships without disrupting the conversation.  In the near-term, I would like to suggest that this can best be accomplished by establishing a set of short-form disclosure statements that can easily be included in a tweet, Facebook message, blog title or blog post, without distracting from the conversation.

About a month ago I emailed a handful of friends in the space, asking for their feedback on an initial short-form guidelines document.  After taking in their feedback, I would like to share the following set of guidelines.  Please share, comment and critique.  Let's get the conversation going!

Short-form Disclosure Codes