forget tech, think behavior
"Listening" is in it's infancy, where is it going?

learning some humility

There is an inherent flaw in living in the online fishbowl.  You begin to think that your opinion is informed.

There is a gaping chasm between those who do, those who have done and those who talk.

Take this morning's news about Rupert Murdock not allowing Google to index his content.  The web laughs.  Bloggers and tweeters scorn this decision.  And while many of those sharing their opinions are smart, Rupert Murdoch has a track record.  The guy has built a media empire.  I didn't.  You didn't.  He did.

We can have an informed discussion around the technical feasibility of "turning off Google."  We can debate the business strategy, and whether or not this will help in the long run.  But before we talk, remember - he has built a media empire.  He has amassed massive personal wealth.  He has done what many have said all along was impossible.  I can't say the same.