Can we restore integrity to breaking news? Can we afford not to?

simplifying web 2.0 terms

Notice that none of these behaviors are new to 2.0

Viral - peer sharing

Personal Brand - reputation

Meme - rumor

Hashtag - conversational reference point (how many times in the 80s did you quote Marty McFly? Now it's #mcfly)

Tweet - talk

Blog - make a statement

Trackback - send a letter to the editor

Poke - tap someone on the sholder

Embed - to share someone elses thoughts (think funny tshirt, bumper sticker etc)

Comment - comment on someone elses statement

Friend - to join with someone else

Connect - connect with someone else

Fan - to affiliate oneself publicly

Wiki - the table at a group meeting

Aggregator - subscription

The only difference in digital, it's faster, simpler and therefor bigger.  And when things grow quickly, they change.  But let's be real.  We're really not that different, we just do it differently.