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Lessons from the Fishbowl

introduction: marketing in the era of ambiance

Social.  Mobile.  Personal.  Augmented.  Interactive.  Distributed.  Semantic.  These words all lead to one eventuality: the ambient connected life.

The principles of marketing in the era of ambiance will borrow from the best practices of innovators and communicators, and most of them will look familiar to many of you.  This is because ambiance removes the perceived technology barrier (life behind a screen) and relates to your real life as an integrated part of that life.

5 Ambient Marketing Principles
  1. Communicate regularly with purpose
  2. Respect personal space
  3. Let your data drive your creative
  4. Don't just broadcast, belong
  5. Own real-time, don't let real-time own you
Over the next five days we will explore each of these five principles in greater detail.  Looking forward to sharing this framework, and getting your thoughts as we go!