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validation (w video)

It's a big word.

And it's a big concept.

And it's core to your relationships with your customers, with your prospects, with your friends and with your family.

A few years back I was a "madrich" in a post high school college/yeshiva in Israel.  The job of a madrich is something between mentor, dorm counselor, cool older brother and educator.  There was this one guy, Jeff, who constantly validated.  When staff meetings got tense, he would go around the room and compliment each and every person on something random.  "Rabbi Wruble, you're mustache is inspiring.  Jon, your sweater speaks to your strong personality.  Sruly, your glasses make me swoon."  He was a funny guy and everyone loved him.  Because he validated.

Your customers don't need a full refund because of a minor complication.  They need someone to listen to them, to hear them out, to solve their problem and to make them feel important and validated.  That's all we're seeking.

Someone I follow on twitter (I believe it was Jeff Pulver) once went on a tweeting rampage about how everyone is afraid of risk, but without risk we cannot innovate.  The risk takers in your organization aren't only in it for the money.  They are driven.  They want to go out on a limb.  The easiest way to foster innovative thinking isn't just to give 5, 10 or 15% of your employees time to innovative projects.  It's to validate the effort and the drive.

Your most passionate customers don't need your community or your support.  But they value your validation.

Validation is a powerful human drive.  Let's put it to good use.

Inspired by the video below.