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11 things the iPad isn't

  1. IPadA netbook replacement.  It's different, but not comparable.
  2. A friend to Barnes and Nobles.
  3. Flash capable.
  4. A phone.
  5. Small enough for a windshield.  Good bye navigation.
  6. The ultimate Skype device (no video).  Though I wonder about 3G phone calls over Skype.  Irony.
  7. An uber-battery friendly eReader.
  8. Everything the financial markets thought it could be.
  9. Verizon ready. 
  10. Mouse friendly.  Who wants to type on a keyboard and touch for a mouse?
  11. Something too many of us need.

But I'd still really geek out if I could get my hands on one.

Kudos to Alan Wolk @awolk for inspiring a few of these.