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wishes and dreams : google's big social play beyond Buzz

Buzz isn't the be all and end all.  It's a product, a tool in Google's growing tool belt.  At some point these tools are going to come together to create something fantastic.

Below are three utilities that will bring Google's personal and social platforms to a new level.

  1. Identity - I want to see login with Google buttons everywhere.  Tight integration into existing Google tools like chat, gmail, voice and buzz.  I want to see Facebook Connect on steroids.
  2. Portability/API - I already have conversations on Twitter.  I want to see Seemic and TweetDeck with full Buzz integration.  I want to take it with me.  I want to blow it up on my desktop and relish the information overload.  I want to see engagement solutions like Radian 6, Visible Technologies, BuddyMedia and Vitrue and CoTweet with Buzz integration.  I want to comment on a tweet via Buzz, and post to Buzz from Twitter.  I want to have my cake and eat it too.
  3. Smart Filters - Google already imports my Yahoo Mail.  Their toolbar already tracks most of my web traffic and activity.  I know they know everything about everything about me.  Now I want a smarter feed.  Instead of my overloaded RSS reader, I want Google to show me what it thinks is most relevant to me.  This is the next generation of subscription management.  This is the future of personalized web search.  And PLEASE, give me the option to publicize my smart feeds.

PS - you can find me on buzz here.