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how not to get ignored in social

  1. Social is a value exchange.  Plain and simple.  The more value I create for you, the more valuable I will be to you.  
  2. A relationship is only as strong as the least interested party.  The more I ask of you, the more committed I am asking you to be.  You, in turn, will only take this action if it is part of a broader value exchange that brings greater value to you.
  3. Social equity is about the total package, not just the conversation.  The most socially successful brands will not be the most conversational.  They will be those that bring the greatest value across product, packaging, support, distribution, content, conversations etc.  

Agencies can engineer additive and multiplicative social equity through content, experiences and conversations.  However, it all needs to start with a base value.  If your product has inherent social equity, you may not need too much agency support.  And if your product has little real value, all the social support in the world isn't going to make it much better.