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dear college kids: so you want to work in social...

being a social dad

David after the dentist I love being a Dad.  I love my son expecting me to get him out of bed in the morning and then plop him down on top of my still sleeping wife.  I love my son running to me when he is scared and trying to win my affection by acting like a goofball.  I love our little rituals, like playing Billy Joel on the piano with my right hand on octave higher so he can sit on my lap.  And by the way, he is probably the only 2 year old that can sing Matisyahu's One Day.

There is a lot of love about being a Dad.

But to be honest, I'm never quite sure how much of this is appropriate to share with the world.  I want to give him his privacy and give him the right to choose, when he is old enough, how much of his life he wants to share with the world.  Sure, I have pictures of him in the office, but not on Facebook where I hardly know half of my "friends."  I rarely write too much about him in social in general.

Then again, I'm really not sure where to draw the line with family members.  My sister-in-law seems to have no problem sharing everything!  Almost every email picture we email to her goes straight onto her Facebook page.  She doesn't tag me in these pictures, but I feel like my son's privacy has been invaded.  The pictures are innocuous (for the most part), but why do I want the people she hardly knows (her "friends" on Facebok) to have a window into my life?

Am I crazy?  Where should we draw the line?  Am I wrong for thinking that this video (while hilarious) is not something I would want to share outside of friends and family?