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"big" Thank You to all the "little" people

376591423_c0b3889fc6_b You know who you are.

You are the forces of change.  You are challenging your organization every day to do business better.  You are a relentlessly pushing to improve the customer experience.  You are pushing back on legal, branding, IT, agencies, clients, management and a host of other political challengers to do what you know is right.

When the public vents against the brand in social media, you take it to heart.  When you say "I'm so sorry to hear this, how can I help?" you really mean it.  And while the general public sees you primarily as a whipping post, you question your sanity.

You wish everyone would understand, but feel like you're fighting an uphill battle with every proposed step you take.  Not to mention that every once in awhile "management" comes down from an ivory tower to either tell you what you've done wrong, or ask you to execute a tactic, often with limited understand for what you do, or what will work.

You feel like you get limited respect and yet face endless mountains of challenges.  Every solution raises a whole new suite of obstacles. 

As someone in the space, I would like to say thank you.  As a consumer, thank you.  For every ten talking heads and social divas yelling about change, you are doing it, you are living it.  Thank you.