f8's implications for marketers
things that frustrate me in social

10 reasons why nearly everyone struggles with social (brands, pr, media, creative, niche etc.)

  1. Social cannot be bought, but it isn't free.
  2. Social is not about your staff or your agency, but both are very much needed.
  3. Social is about the collective, not just the loudest voices.
  4. Social isn't an island.  Few have the purview to make it a network.
  5. Social isn't a channel or a campaign.
  6. Social isn't business as usual, but it must be measured against real business results.
  7. Social will not be solved with new technologies or policies alone.
  8. Social must remain flexible with dedicated focus.
  9. Social must deliver real ROI and efficiency.
  10. Social must be understood to be proven.

And this is why real success will only come to the enterprise when everyone sits at the table.  Good luck moving that table.

Inspired by Valeria Maltoni and Jason Keath.