10 reasons why nearly everyone struggles with social (brands, pr, media, creative, niche etc.)
things that motivate me in social

things that frustrate me in social

  1. I know people, but I don't know them. I have met so many great people.  flat tireBut I don't know them.  I know what they like.  I what they think.  But I'm not the kind of person that enjoys casual platitudes for too long.  I want to know the people around me.  Know what makes them tick.  Know their strengths and they weaknesses.  Know what makes them, them.  Most great social content is just that, content.  Sure, it's comes from a smart person.  And far too many of my "friends" aren't really friends, they are more like co-workers you never really go to know.  So please, feel free to say hi, and let's talk about what matters.
  2. The snakeoil ruins the fun. I appreciate the nubies.  I celebrate a little when someone is passionate and exploring this new world for the first time.  It wasn't too long ago that I was new to the game, and I will never forget the many friends that helped me find my way.  But I have limited patience for the posers.  If you're on Twitter, but have never built a successful brand marketing presence, that's ok.  If your tool features poor automated sentiment, and you recognize that it really isn't accurate, that's ok.  But don't claim to be something you're not.  You won't win in the long run, and you're ruining it for the rest of us.
  3. Shiny Objects.  Honestly, unless your target are early adopters, you don't need to know about the next big thing.  It's exciting, but not core to your business.  Allocate a dedicated amount of your time to learning, pick a few sources and read/listen/watch their content regularly.  Then get on with real business.
  4. Pompous Posers.  You wrote a book.  You built a following, a readership and/or a meaningful Google page rank.  This doesn't give you the right to be a diva.  You don't deserve any more from a brand than any other customer.  Stop threatening to destroy a brand.  Most brand employees care more than you would like to believe, they just aren't setup to help you the way that you want to be helped.  Approach them as partners and work with them, and they will generally come through for you.
  5. Magic Beans Accounting. Social isn't going to replace everything, and nothing is going to be proven in you try it.  Anyone who promises the world, or demands the world, needs to take a breath. 
That being said, I love this stuff.