things that frustrate me in social
What's the appropriate punishment for going rogue?

things that motivate me in social

As exciting as it is, working in a young industry where virtually every project includes doing many things for the first time, social is often an uphill climb.  Yesterday I vented.  Thanks for reading.  Today I would like to take a look at the major drivers that motivate me in social. 

  1. My Friends.  I would not know the vast majority of what I know about this space without everyone that regularly shares links, content and perspectives on Twitter, their blogs, Facebook, via email and yes, even in real life.  The serendipity, closeness and breadth of a good network are my number one resource.  And so, to all of you, thank you.
  2. My Clients.  For every dozen talking heads, there is one client somewhere that wants to explore what all the talk really means to their business.  Together we challenge, we push, we explore and often together we succeed.  Without real corporations and brands of scale, all of the talk would be just talk.
  3. Real, Normal Thought Leaders.  Chris Brogan, David Armano, Jeremiah Owyang, Peter Kim... the list goes on.  What's great about these guys isn't just their perspective and strategic frameworks, it's how they communicate.  They don't just talk and present, but they have real business experience. Most notably however, they are genuinely nice people.  And luckily for us, they share.
  4. Comedy and Expression.  I need comedy.  I need to feel the human connection that comedy brings to table.  And sure, occasionally we experience a tragedy that unites us all in social, but the shared real human experiences, those that make us laugh and cry, make all of this talk real to me.
  5. Exploration and Innovation.  Rarely have I engaged in the same project twice.  Rarely does one client's challenge mirror that of the next.  Sure, many Facebook strategies contain the same general components, but the creativity in the messaging, execution, measurement and engagement really get my juices going.