twitter's "ad" model - the agency perspective
Facebook's new ecosystem: the agency perspective

Twitter's courting the wrong audience

With all the news about Twitter's latest and greatest, one party is noticably lacking - agencies.  Agencies are not the be all and end all of marketing, but they represent virtually every single ad dollar of nearly every single major brand in the US, if not the world. 

Twitter sent out information packets to bloggers and press.  They are activley working with the search engines.  They are working to extend their developer relatoinships.  They are talking big about their ad solutions.  But they are a brick wall when it comes to agency relationships

So while we can all celebrate the potential and debate the merits of the system, Twitter is snubbing their revenue stream.  If you work at Twitter, and would like to contact this agency person, you know where to find me.  I'd love to talk.