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behavior is the new social

I don't know everything, but I do know that the days of the term social as a shiny-business-object are limited.  Every agency claims to hold the secret sauce and every consultant claims to be a guru.  The market is over-saturated with talk.

Our industry thought leaders know that this is about more than social, it's about mobile as well. This is about more than just innovation, it's about interactive communications, it's about broadcast communications, it's about business strategy and it's about organizational design.  In short, it's about an evolved business dynamic that speaks to both the unique and universal manners in which people interact and engage.  This is a transition from communications-focused to behavior-focused marketing.  The framework below is very much a work-in-progress but it's been on my mind for about two weeks, so I thought it was time to share.  Please share your feedback!

And so...I present to you: New Behavioral Marketing.

New behavioral marketingKey Principle: New Behavioral Marketing (NBM) leverages the uniquely human motivational drives to drive business results while celebrating dynamic information flow and exchange.

Three Key Tenets of NBM:
  1. Inspiration: motivating positive action (beyond branding)
  2. Utility: driving reality
  3. Design: increasing complex ecosystems demand serious design thinking

Philosophy of Measurement: NMB measurement looks at the purchase funnel as a series of loops.  Rather than focusing on sales alone, this model measures both consumer behavior and mindset on a continuum that exists long before and long after the sale.  Think of this as similar to grabbing the golden ring while going around on a carousel.  Not every aspect of the ride is about grabbing that ring, and most of the time that ring is out of reach.  Whenever you're close to the ring you know you want it.  If you can't grasp the ring this time around (whether it's because you're too high or too low or even just moving too fast) you'll likely be trying to grab it on your next go around.

More to come in the days ahead.

note: I use the term "new" in New Behavioral Marketing because so many companies confused marketing with targeting and abused the term way back in 2005.