that's it, social is over, nothing to see here
personal use doesn't make for professional success

stop me if you've heard this before

Brand X sucks.  #BrandFail.  #EpicFail.  I will never fly/buy/shop/drive/rent again!

Listening is key.  Technology is getting better.  We need a human touch.

Stop yelling.  It's not about Facebook.  It's all about community.

Social isn't measurable.  Social is too measurable and it causes confusion.

Location is the new social.  Social is the new television.  Newspapers are dead.

Agencies are dead.  Consultants just talk.  Clients don't get it.  Niche agencies don't get real business.  Nothing scales!

Big business doesn't get it.  Small business doesn't have the resources. 

Social is new.  Social is old. 

Social isn communications.  Social is marketing. 

Social isn't PR.  Social isn't media.

Social is hot.  Social is hyped. 

Social is over-discussed.  Social is under-appreciated.  Social is under-allocated.

Social isn't free.  Social isn't cheap.  Social isn't as expensive.

Social isn't simple.  Social isn't complicated.  Don't over-complicate it. 

Social isn't proven.  Social can't be proven.

Here's a great case study... That case study isn't relevant here... That case study is misleading...

The death of the ______, Life after ______.

Privacy!  Security!  Control!

It's all talk.  So is this post.  

Time to get back to business.