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How To: Market to millions of people as individuals

Anyone can throw up their own Facebook "Like" page for a local business or major brand.  But few brands are really tapping into the scale of Facebook.  Marketing to individuals at scale isn't easy.  Conversational marketing to real people at scale is even harder. 

Don't let the numbers fool you.  500 Million people are talking.  But rarely about you or to you.

How To: Market to millions of people as individuals

  1. Showcase a compelling human personality - people know how to relate to people.  Great speakers make every person in the room feel like they are being spoken to as individuals.  Great campaign concepts work as well, but it's important that the campaign have a highly relate-able voice.
  2. Invest in your primary voice - the broadcaster that posts on your wall and writes your tweets needs to be a guru.  Not a talking head, a master conversationalist.  The conversation is the story.
  3. Scale your responses with secondary voices - your community managers and customer support representatives are responsible for individual interactions.  Great CRM platforms allow you to track how you have engaged with each of these individuals in the past, enabling scaled relationship building at the individual level.  The conversation is the story.
  4. Inspire advocacy from your fans - your fans are free/earned voices.  While they shouldn't be your primary voice, their voices are often far more valuable than your own.  Inspire them, recognize them, showcase them, thank them.  The conversation is the story.
  5. Invest in technology and personalization - Facebook media, geotargeted applications and walls, Social Graph and Social API powered apps, these are only the beginning.  Technology will not make people feel all warm and fuzzy like real human interactions, but it can create more meaningful scaled experiences.